Welcome at Helping.net

We are body and soul in a world of bodies and souls.
Our body is composed of bodies and souls,
our cells live thanks to evolved bacteria they contain, Mytochondria, bodies and souls.

Our cancers are our cells that change, starting to play against us or heal again.
Evil is what threatens our life, good is what helps it.
Playing for our own good and embracing our complete part of the stream of life feels good.

When we live in the shadow of hostile actions by those who brought us up,
we fear coming close and loving somebody,
we are unable to love us fully, weakening the spiritual connection.

Trauma healing, truthfully recognising and leaving behind crippling and once vital fears
allows reconnecting the all-pervading soul streams of life
loving what nurtures us, our wounded parts and getting loved by the real kind around us.

Everything has a soul.
There are things that work against us,
and other things that nurture and love us.

Often it depends on our approach
but many people are wounded and stay dangerous.
Lay a loving hand on your wound and breathe deep.

Enjoy your ride, fellow traveller info@helping.net